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  • Intelli* stuff for Vista

    Microsoft finally released IntelliType Pro (keyboard), IntelliPoint (mouse) and Fingerprint Reader (no 64bit support on this one, yuck) software. Another piece in the Vista drivers puzzle. Get the stuff here .
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand's blog ob 12-10-2006
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  • Create a simple calculator with few lines of code

    Andrej shows how one can create a simple calculator in .net using only few lines of code. Forget parsing and check out the article . Very good thinking from his side indeed.
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand's blog ob 12-09-2006
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  • Windows Vista Gadgets - Portfolio

    As promised, our second gadget went gold today. We call it Slovenian Portfolio and as the name suggests, it allows you to track your portfolio on LJSE . Here's the feature list: Stock selection Stock search on LJSE (Ljubljana Stock Exchange) Display...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Matevz Gacnik's Weblog ob 12-08-2006
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  • PerfectDisk 8 runs on Vista

    PerfectDisk 8 , my favorite disk defragmentator, runs on Vista now. You really should run a disk defragmentaion once in while if you want your disk(s) to work at full speed. There is a Winodws built in disk defragmentation feature, however commercial...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand's blog ob 12-08-2006
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  • Windows Vista Gadgets - Radio

    Today we launched our first public Windows Vista Sidebar gadget. In v1, we support Slovenian radio stations. The radio station list is centralized (dynamically retrieved), but there is a way to persuade the gadget to use any of your radio feeds, if you...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Matevz Gacnik's Weblog ob 11-30-2006
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  • Hitro iskanje po Codezone-SI

    Po prispevkih odslej lahko iščete kar s pomočjo svojega brskalnika. Če uporabljate novejši brskalnik (IE7, Firefox 2, ...), lahko iskalnik po Codezone-SI enostavno dodate v svojo iskalno orodno vrstico. V primeru, da tole...
    Objavljeno v Novice SLODUG , AndrejT ob 11-30-2006
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  • XQuery 1.0 Becomes a Proposed Recommendation

    On November 22nd the World Wide Web Consortium announced that the XQuery 1.0, XPath 2.0 and XSLT 2.0 became Proposed Recommendations. In other words, it's safe to assume that in the early 2007 we should expect the work on current versions of these...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , snaps & snippets ob 11-27-2006
  • Zadnje srečanje v letu 2006

    Veseli dogodek bo v sredo, 29.11. na klasični lokaciji . Vsebina srečanja je sledeča: 17:00-17:15 Zbiranje 17:15-18:00 Continuous Integration s CruiseControl.NET (David Vidmar, Adacta d.o.o.) 18:00-18:20 Premor 18:20-19:10 PADO - hiter in enostaven razvoj...
    Objavljeno v Novice SLODUG , MihaM ob 11-24-2006
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  • NOLOCK no good

    Query hints should be used with caution, and a special care should be given to locking hints; in Books Online this subject is fully covered, and several SQL professionals out there have added their own views and experience, which is also very evident...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , snaps & snippets ob 11-22-2006
  • ŠJC dogodek

    Pridružite se nam na prvem dogodku Študent je car v tem študijskem letu. Na njem bodo že uveljavljeni predavatelji predstavili najnovejše tehnologije . Udeleženci bodo imeli možnost v živo preizkusiti delovanje Windows Viste in Office...
    Objavljeno v Novice SLODUG , bojanv ob 11-21-2006
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  • New computer

    I did not forget about this little blog of mine. I just don't know what to write about currently. I haven't done anything exiting recently to be honest (as far as programming is concerned) hence the lack of posts. Last week I bought myself a brand...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , CWIZO's development blog ob 11-19-2006
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  • WCF: Serious Seriousness

    This must be one of the best Channel 9 interviews of all time. Rory did make quite an effort to handle the guys, but at building 42 , what can you expect. It all seems as the Brady Bunch of Microsoft on tape, but they sure did ship the most important...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Matevz Gacnik's Weblog ob 11-14-2006
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  • New York Times: Times Reader and Gypsies

    If you haven't installed it yet, do it now. New York Times Times Reader. Available here . It's a great Vista/WPF application, showing the possibilities of next-gen user experience. Here's a quick glance of the front page.
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Matevz Gacnik's Weblog ob 11-13-2006
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  • Vista's Last Mile

    Watch out for this, my fellow citizens: Via ZDNet The once-daily shiproom meetings have become twice-a-day events as the product has neared completion. Projected onto a screen is a list of unresolved issues that need to be addressed before Vista...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Matevz Gacnik's Weblog ob 11-08-2006
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  • Microsoft Windows Vista - Done

    It took a loooong time. Now, Vista is done . The OS, including .NET Framework 3.0, RTMed.
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Matevz Gacnik's Weblog ob 11-08-2006
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