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  • Visual Studio 2008 web-design related hotfix

    Microsoft relased Visual Studio 2008 hotfix that should eliminate some web-design annoyances, particularly the slowness of the IDE, according to the specs. Get the hotfix here . I hope that we'll see more hotfixes like this in the future as service packs really take just too much time.
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand blogs ob 02-09-2008
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  • telerik supporting Mono?

    Looks like telerik is going to support Mono . This news is certainly interesting for Mono guys as it might give wings to Mono. Which is a good thing, indeed. However, the support (if it is going to happen) will probably be limited to components - they don't even mention WinForms at this point...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand blogs ob 01-26-2008
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  • Slovenia/1st European Silverlight Challenge

    SLODUG has launched the Slovene website of the 1st European Silverlight Challenge . You can read more about it in this post (in Slovene) or go directly to the website (also in Slovene). Believe in your talent! Take part in the “European Silverlight Challenge” Competition – Dare to participate...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand blogs ob 12-21-2007
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  • Custom embedding using CodeRush

    It happened that I had to embed plenty of elements into tables, i.e: < table > < tr > < td > < asp:Label ... /> < asp:TextBox ... /> </ td > < td > < asp:Label ... /> < asp:TextBox ... /> </ td > ... </ tr > </ table > Basically...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand blogs ob 12-06-2007
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  • ASP.NET AJAX 1.0

    Prva različica ogrodja ASP.NET AJAX 1.0, včasih bolj znana pod kodnim imenom Atlas, je na voljo za prenos. Več informacij na
    Objavljeno v Novice SLODUG , AndrejT ob 01-24-2007
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  • ASPnix review

    I hosted my web page at ASPnix for almost a month. But in the past week my web page was constantly unavailable. They have a 99.9% up-time guarantee but as I can see now that is bullshit. Even after they have "fixed" the problem and I said I will monitor my web page every half hour the site...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , CWIZO's development blog ob 09-27-2006
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  • UserControl.Error not firing

    I have a ASP.NET 2.0 application that implements it's logic in user controls rather then in aspx pages (those are just placeholders). All those user controls inherit from a base user control so I don't have to setup the database connection and stuff like that on every page. So I was coding happily...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , CWIZO's development blog ob 09-25-2006
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  • Short ASP.NET 2 session lifetime

    I spent quite some time figuring this one out. I have a ASP.NET 2.0 application and I needed to store something in the session. That worked fine, but the session was destroyed after a minute or so. Even dough I have set the timeout property of the sessionState tag in web.config to 20 minutes. Well after...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , CWIZO's development blog ob 09-05-2006
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  • We are moving to C#

    Our company announced we are moving to C# (from VB.NET). And so my next project will be coded in C# (and hopefully in ASP.NET 2.0). I am very pleased with this decision as I really prefer C# over VB.
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , CWIZO's development blog ob 06-07-2006
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  • How to do X when user closes the page

    This is also one of the common questions and for some reason many people don't know how to achieve this. For instance, you would like to write something to the database (if you are doing statistics for example) when the user leaves the page. In a case like this you would use the onBeforeUnLoad and...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , CWIZO's development blog ob 05-12-2006
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