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  • Bing Daily Image - A Bing Image of the Day Download Tool

    Ever wanted to have your Windows 10 desktop background look sharp? Like, Bing Gallery sharp? Let me help you. Here's a little tool I'm releasing today that allows you to: Get daily Bing Image of the Day to your desktop Perform bulk downloads, multiple images at a time Add image title and description...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Matevz Gacnik's Weblog ob 12-16-2015
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  • The Case of Empty OptionalFeatures.exe Dialog

    The following is a three day saga of empty 'Turn Windows Features on or off' dialog. This dialog, as unimportant as it may seem, is the only orifice into Windows subsystem installations without having to cramp up command line msiexec.exe wizardry on obscure system installation folders that nobody...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Matevz Gacnik's Weblog ob 06-07-2011
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  • Clouds Will Fail

    This is a slightly less technical post, covering my experiences and thought on cloud computing as a viable business processing platform. Recent Amazon EC2 failure was gathering a considerable amount of press and discussion coverage. Mostly discussions revolve around the failure of cloud computing as...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Matevz Gacnik's Weblog ob 05-04-2011
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  • P != NP Proof Failing

    One of the most important steps needed for computer science to get itself to the next level seems to be fading away. P vs NP Actually, its proof from is playing hard to catch again. This question (whether P=NP or P!=NP) does not want to be answered. It could be, that the problem of proving it is also...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Matevz Gacnik's Weblog ob 08-19-2010
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  • Talk at Interoperability Day 2009

    Interoperability day is focused on, well, interoperability. Especially between major vendors in government space. We talked about major issues in long term document preservation formats and the penetration of Office serialization in real world... .. and the lack of Here's the PPT [Slovenian].
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Matevz Gacnik's Weblog ob 06-03-2009
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  • Accreditus: Gama System eArchive

    One of our core products, Gama System eArchive was accredited last week. This is the first accreditation of a domestic product and the first one covering long term electronic document storage in a SOA based system. Every document stored inside the Gama System eArchive product is now legally legal. No...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Matevz Gacnik's Weblog ob 07-05-2008
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  • Sysinternals Live

    This is brilliant . Sysinternals tools are now (actually were already when I left for vacation) available live via a web (http and WebDAV ) based resource on and \\ . This means I can do the following: [c:\]dir \\\tools Directory...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Matevz Gacnik's Weblog ob 06-19-2008
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