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  • Notes on and lightweight php (i.e. for wordpress)

    So I moved a couple of sites from a friend’s FreeBSD server to a linux one and decided to learn to use Docker along the way. Once I’ve created an image (based on debian/jessie) and added required dependencies, php applications started to run, except for their mail functionality. Even after...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Miha Valencic ob 10-18-2014
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  • Windows Phone 8 and our “localized” keyboard layout

    This is a rant (somewhat). Windows 8 features a nicely convenient on-screen keyboard, which is mostly useful when using on a touch device, like a tablet. I’m quite often using it on my Surface, when my touch cover is not attached. Now, let’s take a look at a Slovenian layout of this keyboard: The keyboard...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Andrej Tozon's blog ob 11-30-2012
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  • Announcing a new user group

    Dear Slovenian developers and UI enthusiasts, mark your calendars for 8th of November 2011 as that’s the day we’re launching a new user group targeting the UI/UX professionals. SIUX – Slovenian UX User Group – a sister user group (or a Siamese twin group as we fondly call it ) of now years-running SLODUG...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Andrej Tozon's blog ob 10-28-2011
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  • O negibnem dojemanju

    Pod roke mi je prišel tekst, ki se mi zdi vreden objave v širšem kontekstu. Gre za Takuanovo pismo Yagiu Tajima-no-Kami. Morda gre v tekstu za pomoto in gre dejansko za pisma Yagyū Munenori, kar pa zares ni toliko pomembno kot dejanska vsebina. Budistični nauk razlikuje dvainpetdeset stopenj duhovnega...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Miha Valencic ob 07-28-2011
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  • Oh really? Password too long?

    We are in 2011 after all, so seeing an error message that a password is too long is… well embarasing. So, given that passwords shouldn’t or should I say must not be saved in a way that enables anyone (even administrators) to retrieve the plaintext version of a password, we’re talking...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Miha Valencic ob 02-23-2011
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  • Airport Extreme and PPTP

    I was having issues with VPN connection (PPTP to be exact) to my customer. I was connecting with Mac OS X and Windows (tried Windows 7 and Windows XP sp3) and could not make it work. All computers are behind Airport Extreme. When I connected to internet directly (not through Airport), everything worked...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Miha Valencic ob 01-31-2011
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  • Netduino – the beginning

    I’ve received Netduino Plus yesterday. After playing with the on-board LED and button switch, I tried something else today. Since I don’t have a background in electronics, I googled a bit, asked around and connected LED, a couple of resistors and a transistor (BC108C) to control the external...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Miha Valencic ob 01-20-2011
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  • NT Konferenca 2010 – Where you’ll find me

    This year’s NT Konferenca is starting next week! Organized by local Microsoft, it will be held (for the 15th year in a row!) in beautiful Portoroz (Slovenia), that’s now become a traditional venue for this event. Over 130 sessions, labs and seminars will be delivered by over 130 speakers in only four...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Andrej Tozon's blog ob 05-20-2010
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  • A truly amazing game

    I am by no means a gamer (don’t play, never did a lot (except for Tetris (the original one), The Incredible Machine, and maybe something else) but was fascinated by Crayon Physics Deluxe. I’ve been setting up my father’s and my sister’s computer (they’ve bought themselves...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Miha Valenčič ob 01-16-2010
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  • Kdaj je postala plačljiva?

    Presenečen sem danes ugotovil, da je na le nekaj rubrik brezplačnih. Za precej rubrik pa zahtevajo plačilo. Prodajam (po zelo ugodni ceni!) PVC okna in vrata, ki sem jih odstranil ob adaptaciji hiše… Očitno bom dal pač oglas na Pod svojo streho. Sicer, če koga zanima, ali pozna koga ki...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Miha Valenčič ob 01-13-2010
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  • BleedingEdge 2009

    Hvala vsem ki ste se udeležili predavanj. Menim da smo odprli nekaj zanimivih vprašanj, ki jih velja dobro razmisliti pri naslednjih projektih. Prezentacija predavanja z naslovom “Kako z velikimi” je na voljo za “dolvleko”.
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Miha Valenčič ob 10-01-2009
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  • Prodajamo stanovanje

    Prodamo stanovanje v Spodnji Šiški.
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Miha Valenčič ob 08-24-2009
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  • Change collation of a database

    This is mostly a “note to self”. If you receive “The database could not be exclusively locked to perform the operation.” error message, you have to put the DB in the single user mode, then change the collation. Here’s how to do it: USE MASTER GO ALTER DATABASE moovme SET...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Miha Valenčič ob 08-04-2009
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  • Prezentacija ASP.NET MVC - NTK 09

    Hvala vsem ki ste prišli na predavanje. Tukaj se nahaja powerpoint prezentacija s predavanja ASP.NET MVC. Upam da ste izpolnili vprašalnike.
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Miha Valenčič ob 05-27-2009
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  • VistaPrint premium Matt paper business cards

    I ordered business cards and opted for premium Matt paper. I was expecting some premium paper, but was disappointed when I got them. I guess it’s my own fault, because I did not educate myself what exactly does premium Matt paper mean. The shipping was faster than advertised, which was a nice surprise...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Miha Valenčič ob 05-18-2009
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