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  • Finally upgraded to Windows 8.1 (from 8.0)

    Since Microsoft released Windows 8.1 I’ve tried to upgrade my 8.0 to 8.1. Without success though. Every upgrade ended just a little bit before 100% with a BSOD and after some automatic retries to remedy the situation it simply rolled back to 8.0. By looking at the log file produced it was obvious there...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand's blog ob 08-08-2014
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  • SSD’s firmware version might be really important

    I had a good old Asus EEE 1005HA netbook running Windows 7 just fine, albeit slow. The best way of speed it up was to upgrade it to a SSD. The I/O difference should speed it up considerably as the original disk was a 5400rpm one. The SSD prices are low enough, too. So I went and bought a small, reasonably...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand's blog ob 10-10-2012
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  • Two Windows 8 feature requests

    Microsoft started blogging about Windows 8 (there is twitter account @BuildWindows8 as well) and I started thinking what I’d like to see in Windows 8. I can think of two features right now, out of my head: Make .net first class development tool. You might say that it is, but in reality it isn’t. Not...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand's blog ob 08-19-2011
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  • Windows Home Server 2011 restore is just horribly flawed

    I am a long time user of Windows Home Server (first version) and it saved me quite a lot times. Its restore had only one annoying flaw – that is it didn’t properly recognized my Realtek integrated netwok card (instead it tried to use drivers for another version and didn’t let me to select proper ones...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand's blog ob 06-09-2011
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  • The long path of installing Windows Home Server 2011 under Hyper-V R2

    Here is my experience of Windows Home Server 2011 aka Vail installation under Hyper-V R2 server (Core2 Duo E7600, 8GB RAM, 500GB RAID 1 and 3TB RAID5). What could have gone wrong it actually went but let’s go by steps. During file copy at the very beginning I was experiencing couldn’t copy file XY. Problem...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand's blog ob 06-06-2011
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  • Jinxing your application

    If you ever wrote a multithreading application you should understand how hard is to get it right. If you don’t understand it then your application most probably isn’t written correctly. You’ve written a multithreaded application and now what. How can you test it whether it is written correctly or not...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand's blog ob 10-26-2009
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  • Putting sleepless Windows 7 to sleep

    A while ago I had the problem with Vista . The thing was that it woke up randomly from the sleep state. The same problem reappeared when I’ve upgraded to Windows 7 x64. But the solution I’ve found previously didn’t work anymore. Even turning off all wake up features for each device didn’t make any difference...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand's blog ob 09-21-2009
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  • Investigating Windows BSOD cause for dummies

    Does your Windows displays nice, we all love, BSOD once in a while or perhaps, god forbid, often? There are two most plausible suspects for this behavior. And no, it is rarely Windows fault. Instead it is either hardware or driver and I won’t even dig into the quality of drivers produced by various hardware...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand's blog ob 09-13-2009
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  • Change the HAL of Windows OS

    I am doing a presentation on Visual Studio 2010/.net 4 parallel programming enhancements in the near future. Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010 CTP and that’s fine. The problem was that the one and only release comes in the form of a VirtualPC image. This is not a problem by itself but it is a problem...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand blogs ob 01-25-2009
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  • Windows Live Writer doesn’t work well under Windows 7 beta x64

    I’ve tried to run Windows Live Writer under Windows 7 beta today. It runs but it can’t upload pictures through FTP. There are two indications of the problem: when you configure FTP connection it will yield this warning The remote server could not be contacted to verify the settings. Do you want to continue...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand blogs ob 01-19-2009
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  • VMWare Workstation's Easy Install

    When you think that VMWare invented everything they push the innovations even further. These days I've finally accomplished Windows 7 beta download and since I don't have a spare computer right now I've though of installing it under Workstation 6.5. I have to admit that I didn't install...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand blogs ob 01-19-2009
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  • Lost Windows Live Writer

    Today I lost my Windows Live Writer. I was doing a Windows Live update of installed WL applications. The update performed an uninstall first and install after. But the install failed and fails with an error 0x80070643. Of course it didn't rollback the original installation. Quick googling for the...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand blogs ob 01-15-2009
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  • Windows 7 beta at MSDN Subscriptions

    In case you didn't notice Windows 7 beta is available at MSDN Subscriptions. The web site looks like under pressure so keep trying if you get errors.
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand blogs ob 01-08-2009
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  • Two computers, one scanner

    I have an USB scanner I bought a while ago. It is attached to my computer and it is working fine. Occasionally my wife has to scan pictures for herself. She works on her computer but when she has to do some scanning I have to do the scanning for her even though she could scan the pictures by herself...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand blogs ob 10-22-2008
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  • Can't start World Wibe Web Publishing Service because of Windows Process Activation Service

    Recently I had to check out an application on my workstation and found out that the "Default Web Site" is stopped for some reason. After trying to start it I've got this message: So I've tried to start the mentioned services only to get a new error message (WWW PS): The mentioned...
    Objavljeno v Zunanji viri , Righthand blogs ob 07-18-2008
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